Scenario cocktail party in the style of Madmen

Cocktail party in the style of the 60s should be arranged, even if you did not watch the series of MadMen. The action takes place in New York on Madison Avenue at the Sterling Cooper marketing agency. In the series, the atmosphere of the 60s, the life of American society at that time is well conveyed.

The perfect script to celebrate the birthday of a marketer. Good fit in the format of a birthday at the office, in a bar or at home.

Organizing it is easy: a minimum of decor, snacks, tables with alcohol and a dress code in the style of successful marketers from the 60s.


Here we will have catering: snacks, alcohol and service. As the party is planned to have a cocktail party, think about who you will put in the bar. Catering companies often offer an all-inclusive package: menus and drinks of your choice, a full set of dishes + staff. You can order a barman show.

Party scale

A modest party for a few guests or a noisy event for a whole crowd? Only cocktails or buffet is included? Will the scenery and costumes? The script fits all of the above options, proceed solely from your desire, budget and amount of time to prepare.


Office, bar or house? Each of the options has its advantages and is easy to implement. Discuss with colleagues and management the possibility of organizing a party in the office; look for suitable bars in convenient transport accessibility; think about the party option at home. Choose the appropriate one.

The guests

Who are your guests? This is an important question, the format of the event will depend on it. Do you call for guidance, parents, or just close friends? Will they all feel comfortable together? How much are they willing to follow the festive dress code or help you with the organization of the birthday?

Tables and cabinets with alcohol

Fine, if you have a table on wheels. If not, just use any other surface. Pour whiskey and other strong alcohol into glass bottles, do not forget about glasses, ice and napkins. There you can also put snacks: olives, vegetable sticks, nuts.

The decor of the tables and rooms

The case when the decor is practically not required to style the party, its role is performed by alcohol and beautiful glasses on a silver tray. Since this is a birthday party, add the attributes of a festive theme: confetti, colored caps, streamers “Happy Birthday”.


It’s simple. You need the most atmospheric and lighted area. If there is no such room, create it yourself at the expense of the decor and the exposed light. There is no need to overload with details, the office itself is a suitable solution.

Sweet table

For a sweet table, we need: a cake covered with mastic in the style of MadMen, muffins, cupcakes, cookies and sweets. 1-2 capsule coffee machines, several French-presses for tea (green / black), juices and water. Take this list as a basis and adjust according to your preferences.

Buffet table

You can go the simple way and serve the usual menu: canapes, tartlets, sushi, sandwiches and pastries. Or take ideas from the authentic MadMen menu: fondue, Wellington beef tartlets, spicy stuffed wasabi eggs, fried champignons, fruit slices.


The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Doors, Ray Charles – The 60s were rich in music. Add to your favorite playlist soundtrack from the series and songs from the 60s. If the event is not very large, then there will be enough portable column with a flash drive. If you want live music, then a cover band is better.

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