Cool gifts for a serene sleep for everyone

Up to a third of all life we spend in a dream. That is, on average, from 15 to 30 years of our life, we sleep! Just imagine how much could be done during this time?

We are for a useful pastime! Therefore, we have collected gifts that will help to spend time sleeping with maximum benefit and comfort. After all, deep sleep is a pledge not only of health, but also of well-being and beauty.

Beauty Sleep Cushion

Health – the main resource that must be protected at any age. And gifts that help people in this will always be relevant. Beauty Sleep Pillow is a stylish and practical gift that takes care of a good sleep and beauty of the recipient.

Sleep tracker

Do you have difficulty sleeping? Now, thanks to a smart device, this will not be a big problem. And although there are many devices on the market that track sleep patterns, they need to be worn, which can interfere with comfortable sleep. The advantage of this gadget is that it needs to be mounted on the pillow.

Anatomical pillow Sleepline Banga

A pillow with 2 rollers made from a material with shape memory adapts to the contours of the head, neck and shoulders, relaxing the cervical and brachial regions. Does not put pressure on soft tissues and does not squeeze blood flow, due to which it gives comfort throughout the night and good health for the whole day.

Smart mattress

This is a mattress on which it will be convenient for everyone, regardless of preference, age and body build. Jersey with the ActiComb system is a high-tech material of increased density. Does not roll, does not darken over time.

Antistress Pillow “Cosmos”

The headrest pillow is an indispensable gift for traveling. It takes the form of the natural curves of the body and prevents muscle and headaches. On this pillow will dream the most fabulous and cosmic dreams!

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