How to Organize A Painting Exhibition By Your Own

Exhibition – an event that allows you to talk about artists and draw attention to their work. Given this, we decided to talk about some of the nuances of organizing an exhibition of painting.

The exhibition can be based on a certain painting style, feeling or event. The main thing is that the subject of the exhibition carries a specific message. After the topic is defined, think about the name of the exhibition, because it should be catchy, catchy and attract attention. At the same time, the name should be clear that visitors can see at the event. For example, if you are organizing an exhibition of a particular artist, it would not be superfluous to indicate his name in the title. The same applies to a certain direction of painting. Do you want to organize an exhibition of surrealism? And maybe cubism, expressionism or impressionism? Mark it in the title and then you will attract the most interested audience.

The next stage is the selection of works. Choose the most interesting works of the artist whose exhibition you are organizing or, for example, give a call to find young authors whose works may be suitable for your event. Usually for the exhibition you need at least 30 paintings, but, depending on the area of ​​the hall, they may need more. Therefore, select more work than necessary.

The first thing to do is choose an exhibition date. A successful exhibition is painstaking preparation, coordination with many people, as well as maximum attention to detail. Do not risk organizing an exhibition in a matter of weeks. It is better if you do this in 2-3 months. When choosing the date of the event itself, you should pay attention to the fact that on this day other large-scale events did not take place. Another important point is the choice of the event date closer to the end of the week. It was then that people are not burdened with work concerns and think about how to spend their weekends.

Depending on what level of exhibition you are planning to organize, you might think if you need catering at the event. But, in most cases, small tasty treats and drinks just do not interfere. When renting an exhibition hall, specify whether the staff can arrange catering for you, or do you need to take care of this yourself?

Exhibition – an event whose goal is not only to present the paintings, but also to sell them. Therefore, you must make sure that the artists evaluate their works before they are presented.

It’s nice to create small advertising brochures on which the main information relating to the exhibition would be placed: name, main message, date, time and place, dress code, entrance ticket price, list of artists whose works will be presented at the event, as well as perhaps photographs of some of the paintings.


At this stage, you should make sure that you have enough people to help you organize the event. You can attract volunteers to arrange the hall and accompany visitors. Also, you will need to hire movers to immerse and unload all the canvases, the driver with the car to transport the work, the photographer and the operator to capture the entire event, as well as technical staff who would build you the light for high-quality lighting of paintings. In order to create a relaxed atmosphere at the event, you should think about the musical accompaniment. Special attention should be paid to the layout of the room. You need to spend more time on this so that all the pictures take a good place, are sufficiently illuminated and look harmoniously with each other, continuing your chosen concept of the event.

A great advantage would be if during the exhibition there will be authors of the presented works who can answer the questions raised by the guests. If the exhibition is dedicated to an artist who is no longer in the world, or he cannot attend the event, you should consider hiring a person who is well-versed in art who will be able to satisfy the interest of guests on a particular canvas.

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